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Second Series

Evolution as the resurgence of the indigenous spirit within us 

We’re all indigenous to somewhere —John Trudell

Perhaps our evolution and even our survival in this era of the industrial-military-growth society gone global, and of the pathologies that sustains it, is guiding us towards finding within ourselves what is native to the place where we are, and to all the places where we have been and will be. Perhaps we are being called to embody a different sort of presence and humility.

If you’re not horrified, you’re not paying attention to the present state of the world —John Trudell

First Series

lives lived on purpose, and the stories that shape them

Usually we evaluate people by their reach, their wealth, or what they have accomplished, but there are hidden leaders among us –Disruptors, Creatives, Artists, Educators, and Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Thought Leaders working quietly to transform the world from the inside out; touching the lives of others by stealth, by example, by riding the current just ahead of the wave.

And there are others, recognized for their public voice, leaders in their own right, with unknown dimension beneath the surface of what they are best known for.

Join us for this Podcast series of intimate encounters that illuminate what is hidden, and celebrate some remarkable lives lived on purpose, and some of the stories that shape them. We begin each conversation with a simple question, “Who Are You?”

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