Jayne Warrilow – Life is Choice

We are raised to look outside ourselves to measure the meaning and value of life, and it’s only much later that we may be challenged to shift to filter for internal markers to ascertain our lives.

I so often work with clients who are being challenged, and who completely miss seeing where the problem lies. It lies with them. It’s not that they aren’t intelligent, they just don’t have the habit of looking inside. A big part of the work I do is bringing people home to themselves.

.. I was given a terminal diagnosis .. I was lying in the hospital, and I realized that life was my choice, and the life that I created was an internal thing, and the external world was a reflection of that. The world shifted on its axis for me at that moment. Knowing that I had the power to do so, I chose to live.

We have the choice in every hour of every day whether we follow our own internal truth or whether we just keep quiet and do what we think is expected of us.

We choose life – in every moment – or not.

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