Marie Luna: Bend down low to the earth to reach the stardust

My entire life experience has been informed by the wilderness, by interacting with the creatures and mountains and deserts of Colorado, from a very young age, a lot of the time alone. My work has been informed by decades of noticing natural systems and the incredible great common sense involved with natural systems, and natural thinking.

Curanderismo means bringing healing modalities to the world, not in an egotistical way, but in bringing healing modalities that are appropriate to each person. There’s a humility in curanderismo that I am really attracted to.

Any creature will be happy to rest if they can, so if we are afforded the opportunity to rest we should take it. A bear, if they have enough calories, they like to rest. It’s also a good idea to vet your inner resources. A coyote or a lion will really look at how far away the prey is and how much energy it’s going to take to make an attempt to bring it down. We can really look at that, to learn from that, to learn from the animals, and rest deeply when we get the chance to. Fortunately, for a lot of us who live in the more privileged part of the world we do get a chance to rest; but humans create a lot of concocted urgency to prevent themselves from resting.

The alarm bells were going off for me when I was a child, fifty plus years ago, about the direction our Anthropocene is going. I reacted very strongly when I was young. As a teenager I was in Earth First. It occurred to me very quickly, because of my observations of wild creature, that they will only try a thing a certain amount of times. They’re not going to beat their head against the wall. After a few years I realized that what we were doing was a drop in the bucket, what we need is a change of consciousness. So that propelled me into this larger vision of helping to bring the consciousness of the beauty and enchantment of natural systems to people who aren’t so in touch with that.

What sustains me is that everything in our world is constantly changing, and we may not survive these changes that are coming, but I think there’s a deeper part of this, we can call it soul or spirit. Different cultures have different names for it. There’s a deeper part of us that will keep going, will sustain. To be able to navigate as a soul is very important. That’s where my work’s at this moment.

Marie Luna was raised in the Southwest United States on ranches in the high mountains and desert canyons. Nature and wild creatures were her formative teachers, and they remain so today. She was influenced by her Indigenous neighbors of the Ute and Dine Nations at an early age, attending Blessing Ways, dances and curings. Her plant medicine practice encompasses 40 years of experience with high-integrity lineage holders whom she still studies with today. She has done isolation meditations with various plant helpers under the tutelage of Amazonian healer teachers. Her Tibetan Buddhist path and dakini practice meld seamlessly with her articulation of plant medicine practices in ceremonial form. She is an herbalist, a midwife, and a mother living in the mountains of Colorado. She works full-time as a ceremonial facilitator, helping with weddings, wakes, births, flower water limpias, and plant medicine ceremonies. 

Gracia Divina Church Colorado


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