SARK:The Problem isn’t Wealth, or Lack of it …

Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy  ( SARK )

“I’m a transformer, an uplifter, a laser beam of love. I offer it through art, words, and spirit; and have been doing so all of my life, both in the future and in the past. People talk about past lives, but I also have memories of future lives.”

“I was finding all these things I wanted to share with the other kids, and I told my mother that I should doShow-And-Tell every day. My mother asked me if perhaps I shouldn’t give the other kids a chance. I told her that they hated standing up in class to speak. So my mother met with the teacher and came up with a plan for me to go to a different grade each day to present a Show-And-Tell. Years later, someone found me online and said, “I will never forget your Show-And-Tell!”

“I met  lot of people with inherited wealth who felt that their money was a prison. They couldn’t be who they actually were and they felt everyone wanted them for their money. They were so unhappy. I thought money was the problem, so I opted out of the money system. I lived for ten years without money, surviving by barter and trade. It was fascinating and difficult and challenging and wonderful. I learned how to Receive. I learned how to ask for miracles and how to receive miracles.”

“The problem isn’t wealth, or lack of it. The problem is a deficit of imagination.”

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