Marikit Mayeno: I Dreamed I Was Living in A Bodhi Tree

Marikit Mayeno

“You can change your story and try to change the way people perceive you, but they’re going to perceive you in a different way from the way you want to be seen anyway. So what’s the point of limiting yourself to one thing if everyone’s always going to see you in a different way from the way you want to be seen? You’ll never get be all the things you truly are.”

“I used to plan what I wanted to be for the next year – a tomboy, dressing boyish and doing Karate. The year after that I became a girly-girl. Then I went through a Goth stage. Then I just stayed in my room and drew pictures and would stay away from everyone.”

“As a teenager, I feel that there’s so much pressure to find out who you are, and what you are. Every movie you see is telling you that you need to know who you are.”

“Art and nature are the same thing.”

“I dreamed I was living in a bodhi tree, and as I walked out from the tree I saw a man walking towards me. There was so much intensity in his eyes, so much passion emanating from him. You could tell that this man truly loved life. He had so much love for everything. Then he saw me and he was immediately disappointed. It was as if I could read all his thoughts. “Oh, she’s just an ordinary girl.”  I started walking towards him. All I did was say Hello to him, and all the vibrance came back in his face. He realized, “She’s extraordinary!” Then he hugged me, and it was the best hug I’d ever received!”

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