Camelia Elias: Magic is the Art of Paying Attention

Camelia Elias

“Magic doesn’t appeal to many people because there’s work involved. The point of a magic ritual is to bring attention to what you want to achieve, but you have to go beyond that.”

Camelia’s journey from Romania to Denmark was also a  journey from refugee, to aspiring judge, to mathematician, to philosopher, to literature professor, to artist-poet-zen student, to becoming a master of the art of divination ..”

“I am stupid enough to still maintain some ideals about the meaning of ‘higher’ in Higher Education but the more time I spent in academia the harder it became to find it.”

“Truth is what is useful.” William James

“When I was sixteen I was brought up in front of thirteen religious elders, men dressed in black, and was asked to explain myself for having made some remarks that challenged the premise of the religion. They took turns in scolding me, and the more they did so, the more intently I felt the absurdity of the situation, and of how they clung to their authority. At first I was astonished, then I just wanted to burst our laughing. Even as a girl of sixteen I was looking for justice and honesty, and the clarity which comes from recognizing the fictions we create with our words.”

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