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Workshops Certification in Soul-Work NLP; a streamlined version of Neurolinguistics and trance-work, the most brilliantly effective communication and integrated personal transformation skills. Learn the core skills that will allow you to be massively effective with your clients, as well as to create exponential growth in your business and personal life.

A two week group program that includes revolutionary personal-change tools for clarity, direction, and for being and expressing your vision for what’s possible in your life and for the world

NLP Coaching and Training, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Hypnotherapy, Certified NLP Coaching and Practitioner training program in California 760.782.9223

You are at the cutting edge, highly creative, and motivated – a visionary, an artist, a healer, an evolutionary leader. Your passion is to make your vision real. The world we all long for also includes your thriving life and business. Win-win is the only option.

Do you believe in the magic of a bigger vision for what is possible? Is it is time for you to commit to a new level of success and influence .. with full-on energy and creativity? Then this is where our conversation can begin.

We each work with a small number of individual clients. We customize the program to best address your needs. Please contact us for details.

Manzanita Village Retreat  .  Morning Meditation  .  Apprenticeship  .  Support Us

For the freedom you deserve ..   for the world we long for

Caitriona and Michele smiling into camera


Upcoming Retreats and workshops

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I have been utterly and subtly and profoundly and irrevocably transformed
by my time at Five Changes and Manzanita Village. Thank you both.
Darya Norvet

Monthly Constellation Workshops in Los Angeles and Orange County

Half-day workshops 
Sunday May 21 1:00 – 4:00 PM (Los Angeles – Silverlake)
$30 to participate/rep .  $350 for personal constellation

Upcoming Dates TBA (Orange County – Laguna Woods)

Call to arrange a personal constellation
Pre-register as a participant please. Venmo to @Caitriona-Reed (1660)
please contact us 310-339-1660 

Family Systems Constellation and Mindfulness

Retreat with Michele Benzamin-Miki and Caitriona Reed


We’re excited to announce this immersive retreat at Manzanita Village

Monday, June 19 – Friday, June 23
(arrive Sunday, depart Saturday)

Who’s it for. Healers, Coaches, Artists and Activists, and anyone committed to change for themselves and for those they serve — professionally, or simply as a human-being in relationship to others and to the world.

Why now: It may be that global events (environmental, social, political, economic) are getting our attention in new ways. Beyond denial or resignation, or wishful or magical thinking—how can you be present, empathic, active, in ways that sustain you, and inspire others?

What you will learn: how to listen, how to be present, how to let your spirit soar in a world that at its core wants the very best for you. You will spend time in nature, AND you will experience tools for grounding, understanding, and facilitation, by recognizing and developing your innate genius.

  • How and Why Obstacles for Change show up
  • How to facilitate and deepen your understanding of systemic change
  • Personal Breakthrough Systemic Constellation Sessions
  • Meditation, Mindfulness, Prayer, and Trance
  • Integrating the Excluded and the Invisible
  • Nature Constellations and the Extended Body
  • Waking up to your Indigenous Spirit
  • Integrating Hypnosis and NLP with Family Constellations

$1200. To Register or for questions contact us at   310-339-1660

or register here

Family Constellation

Family Constellation is a mirror, a microcosm, a reflection of your life as it is, and as it might be. Benefits are immediate and log-term. It may be therapeutic, but it is in many ways the opposite of therapy. It does not depend on engaging the normal channels of understanding. It goes deeper, like trance or plant-medicine. It shows you very directly, through a collaborative process, what you may have been unable to see or accept previously. By the testimony of many of our clients it compliments other modalities of change, and often achieves what months or years of therapy did not address. To quote one of our mentors, “It shows you what you may already know, but don’t yet know that you know.”

Before experiencing Constellation work, people often think that it’s all about resolving current issues within their family, or changing personal programming established during their upbringing. But the heritage of our family of origin goes far beyond the conditioning of our early life. We have carried buried loyalties that go back, in many instances, for generations ‒ deeper buried memories. So, a question: What if the expectations, disappointments, experiences that we imagine are our own, are determined by generational traumas and unresolved misunderstandings –‒ hidden out of fear, guilt, or simply not knowing that no one has an obligation to accept their present state if it no longer serves them. It’s always astonishing when people take agency over their inner state, and recognize their natural capacity to transform old traumas.

Join us for a half-day workshop to get a taste of this work or join us for upcoming training-retreats at Manzanita Village in April and June, and in Peru this coming October. Join us for all three towards your Certification as a facilitator of Constellation work.

Note that the two-week training/pilgrimage to Sacred Valley in Southern Peru also includes training in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy).

Through the constellation I suddenly have access to a reality that I cannot perceive through thought. Something that had been hidden comes to light. Once in sight I can begin to find a solution. Bert Hellinger  


Midwinter Bodhisattva Retreat
at Manzanita Village 

with Caitriona and Michele
December 26-29, 2023

Sliding Scale

Meditation, Walking, Silent reflection, Instruction and guided meditations, Touching the Earth.
          • Mindful Attention
          • Expanded Awareness
          • Triggers to anchor positive states and mindset
          • Visioning towards congruent outcomes
          • Holding faith to the beautiful within

Our theme: Thich Nhat Hanh used to say that a Bodhisattva is simply a Buddha in training, that we are all Bodhisattvas, no matter what ‘stage’ we are at.

The four Bodhisattva Vows are an expression of our relationship to the world and to each other,
not just through our actions, but through our presence, to become a healing force in the world

—to embody the truth of love and compassion. They are:

I promise to take all living beings as my relations
I promise to cut through all misunderstanding and judgement
Pathways to wisdom and love are inexhaustible, I promise to walk them all.
Awakening to the radiant truth of life is indescribable, I promise to awaken to it


sliding scale
 Questions? contact us at

Caitriona, Michele and Manzanita Village 

Retreats and Workshops at Manzanita Village. Retreats at Manzanita Village are an integration of silence, deep inner work, and learning skills that you can bring into your life to help transform yourself, your relationship with those you care for, and the world. 

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Unless otherwise noted retreats and workshops are open to everyone,

Manzanita Village is a no-joke place!! This is a bring-all-your-wisdom, bring-all-your-honesty, and bring-all-your-bullshit place. Because we live in a time that’s filled with chaos and confusion. But things get a whole lot clearer here. — Jamie Grace Davis

I had no idea how profound the training was going to be. Looking back now, I can’t imagine my life if I hadn’t done this.   Emily Steinberg

 Caitriona and Michele create a transformation that’s so deep and  penetrating and powerful, because it’s not preconceived. They allow each person to go through their process and make it their own. In so many other trainings and retreats they manufacture a ‘peak experience’ and then attempt to ‘integrate’ it, which is then followed by inevitable disappointment.
Peak experience and integration happen together here, and real integration and transformation then flood into your life as you bring your learning into the world. — Meredith Smith

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We are calling together a community, a wisdom-council of people who are ready to support each other in learning and growing, to dive into the sacred work of personal and spiritual transformation. To serve others and the world and to realize your deepest calling.

Everyone’s journey, everyone’s life, is unique. You participation in this program is designed for you to meet your own personal and professional goals and to the develop skills that let you be the creator of your own life.

What are the qualities you most desire to embody?

Program includes, as we move forward in 2022, then 2023, retreats on the sacred land that we call our home, personal coaching, family and systemic constellation work, coaching and mentorship with both Caitriona and Michele. You will dive deeply into the how-to’s of psyche-magic, key elements of Buddhist practice, NLP, Family Systems Constellation work, Divination, and indigenous practices.. All of which are part of the seamless whole of the program we will co-create with you.  For Information Click Here

“Manzanita Village together with the work of Five Changes is an incredible fertile field of magic …”
— Lawrence Ellis

Call 760-782-9223

Our gift to you

Workbook & Audio

Your Soul’s Masterpiece

.. how to tame the dragons in your life, so that they become your best friends and certain allies . Includes audio trance-journey  for deep-level neurological change.

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