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For the freedom you deserve ..   for the world we long for

it begins with a confession

Please Note.
This program is ongoing. If you would like to talk to us to us to learn about how you be part of this program  For some specifics  click here.

We started by trying to write a sales page. We wanted to tell you all the reasons why an apprenticeship could change your life – help you serve those in your life as well as yourself. To tell you how beautiful the land that’s waiting is and how much we want to share what we’ve learned with you.

Then we remembered we aren’t really business people. We are teachers not sellers.  So we decided instead to write you a love letter – the part of us that is able to see every bit of the beauty and the wholeness of you, reaching out to the part of you that knows you are ageless, worthy, infinitely lovable.

Along the way, we’ll share a bit about our invitation to play – to dive deep, to connect and to learn all that we have gathered over thirty five years of experience and teaching. Feel free to read for that or just soak in the love that we are sending with every word on this page.


“This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival.” Rumi

you are amazing

You are an expression of the sacred wholeness of the world.

You’re an invitation to the party of life – an invitation for joy, hope, pleasure, sadness, grief, heartbreak, ecstasy, inspiration – all of it – to dance through you.

There’s nothing in you that needs fixing.

You are not broken even if some days you feel like you have been shattered against the rocks.

You are not lost even if some days you feel like you are wandering, uncertain which step to take next.

You are not alone even if some days you feel it’s you against the world.

You are a part of the whole, part of the entirety of the love that is the core expression of life itself. You are an expression of the universe reaching out to witness itself through you. The universe is challenging you to accept that it is transformed by the simple act of you opening your eyes to realize the interconnectedness of all things.

You are nothing short of a miracle in the making – unfolding and renewed everyday..

My wife and I took the course together. Not only has it deepened our relationship with each other, our family and friends, it also impacted the success of our company and it’s growth. We find ourselves using the principles we’ve learned on a daily basis. Catriona and Michele are among the greatest teachers we’ve had the privilege to work with, and this is one of the greatest investments we’ve ever made. Dave Duffin Business Owner Zao Asian Cafes, Salt Lake City

nothing worse

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”  Eleanor Roosevelt

Maybe there’s nothing worse than to come to the end of your life and realize that you haven’t fully lived it.   
That you’ve treated life as something fragile to be protected rather than something expandable and infinite to be explored. That you’ve lived other people’s dreams for you and never lived your own.

Every one of us has greatness within us – just like every acorn feels a call to become a mighty oak. But it takes a risk to fully become. It takes overcoming fears, doubts, insecurities to be a fully expressed, free range human when so many people are living in captivity.

We don’t know what your call is – the whisper of greatness that comes to you in your dreams and floats through the air in your moments of stillness – but you do. You know there is something magical in you just waiting to arise, a dragon waiting to come out of the cave – breathe fire, spread her wings and fly the open skies.

How to put into words the Magic that takes place on this year long adventure with Michelle and Catriona? For me, the internal changes in the way I see myself have affected not only the way I live my daily life, in a much more peaceful way, but have also affected the way I relate to everyone I work with, including, interestingly, my very job and profession itself. I’ve gone from being a person who procrastinated and dreaded facing my day-to-day work tasks, to being a person who loves what’s in front of me. In doing so, I enjoy my work and my relationships with those I serve and work with. Who knows what else is ahead, but whatever it is, I’m ready for it!!

If there’s a part of you that knows there’s something lurking inside of you, waiting for you to look at and uncover,…I’m here to tell you that therein lie some pretty special gifts, these are the gifts you come to find here. This apprenticeship program is not only personally transformative such that you will be a different person altogether when you’re done, but it will give you a completely new way of looking at the world such that you will be better at whatever you’re doing and whatever you endeavor to start.  Diana Lopez The Lopez Law Firm, APC Tustin

feed the dragons

“Perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave.”  Rainer Maria Rilke

guides for the journey

“We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for.”  Hopi saying

We have never been the types of folks to keep quiet, to check the boxes and to make everyone happy. We certainly tried it, but it never quite worked, never felt like it was
us.  After all we’re both artists by calling and temperament.

We are travelers in the danger waters,   crossers of boundaries of gender, nationality, and race.  Adventures of the mind and spirit.

And we have spent our lives learning. We’re still learning.

We want to pass on what we have learned – all of it.  So we’re inviting a special group of people – perhaps you – to join us as we share the deep learnings of psychomagic – the transformation of the mind, body and soul.

We would write it down in a book and send it to you if we could. But there are some things that must be passed from person to person, hand to hand,  whispered in ears and shared with the soul of another. For thousands of years wisdom has been passed down from one to another just like this.

I can’t say enough about the experience of this training both personally and professionally.

For me personally this training has given me even more insight and experience of moving stuck emotions and long held beliefs to create a whole new level of freedom and peace.  What a gift!!!!

For me professionally, I have been in the transformation practice of hairdressing for most of my life.  A few years ago I became a Certified Life Coach but I still wanted and knew there was more.  I am curious and in the space I was led to Caitriona and Michele.  And now the addition of this highest level training of NLP, Hypnosis and Constellation with these two Masters I am on fire to create peace and freedom for my clients, family and friends.  I can’t ever thank you enough Caitriona and Michele for having this vision and creating this program.  Your dedication and commitment to this training, to us your students and to the truth of our Indigenous Spirit.

We are family forever💓💓💓. Chris Barber Certified Life Coach San Diego

The clock is ticking. Each tock means there’s a second less that you have to live the life that’s calling you.

You can always choose the easy path. The path that gets you home on time, that makes sure everyone is happy, that checks all the boxes, that doesn’t stir the pot or tempt fate.

There is another path you can travel. There’s a world where all the old lists get thrown out, and the only approval you need is from the person looking back at you in the mirror.

There’s a bigger world out there filled with

Magical possibilities –
Dragonflies –
Flights of fancy –
Wild horses running free –
Vast skies of new ideas –
Whales breaching in a pristine ocean –
and visions of the world we long for — 
all waiting to be discovered!

We are here to stir the pot,
tempt fate, 
swim in the depths, and soar with the dragons.

So we are making a sacred invitation from the light in us to the light in you.

We invite you to disrupt, erupt, explode the old blueprints, dive into a new unknown, and begin again.

We invite you to live differently than you’ve ever lived before. Imperfectly. Vulnerably. Broken open and fully alive with life dripping from your fingers and squishing through your toes –  to return to your childlike authenticity, and fearlessness.

Self-empowerment, self-love, healing, growth and expansion are just some of the words that describe my experience with this apprenticeship course. It changed my life in a way, at a speed and at a depth I never imagined. I hardly recognize the old me. If you want to rewrite your story, take charge of your life, heal yourself and how you relate to others, you MUST take this course! You will see the world in a whole new light, while shining your own. Aileen Salmaggi, Teacher, Family Systems Constellation Facilitator, NLP Coach Los Angeles

weaving it all together

“The difference between fear and awe is a matter of our eyes adjusting” Terry Tempest Williams


Our life has been filled with so much delicious learning, much of it together, as we have immersed ourselves in the riches of Buddhist meditation, deep ecology, hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming.

Our clients lives have changed again and again, and yet we still wanted to know how the magic of transformation could happen more elegantly, more simply, with more love.

The result of this lifetime of study has been what we call the five changes. An approach that takes the best of everything we have learned and distilled them into a gentle, heart opening, life changing science of psycho-magic that is easy to learn.

It would be our honor to show you how to embody these practices in your own life as well as teach you to use them to change the lives of others.  

let the magic begin

Our invitation to apprentice – to learn together – to laugh, cry, delight, expand, transform and evolve – is here for you if you are ready.

We are calling a community of old souls, a wisdom council, ready to support each other as we learn together. You may even think of it as your transformational family.

Each one’s journey, like each one’s life, will be unique – designed just for you to meet your own personal and professional goals. You will experience retreats on the sacred land we call our home as well as personal coaching from both Caitriona and Michele. You will dive deeply into the how to’s of psychomagic.

We are more than happy to share all the details of what you will learn but, of course, there will be so much more than we could ever describe on your journey. Let’s begin with a simple conversation to see if this is your call.

“You should study not only that you become a mother when your child is born, but also that you become a child.”

Dogen Zenji

taking up the call

Apprenticeship21 Graduates
Apprenticeship21 Graduates

You are here to live a life more extraordinary than you perhaps have ever dreamed. And you are more ready than you ever imagined.

If you can hear your soul calling, if you feel drawn to dive into this profound work, let’s have a conversation. Let’s dream together what life holds in store for you and what we may be able to share with you.  Simply email us and let’s begin the conversation.

all our love

signature caitriona michele


As the end of my year-long apprenticeship approaches, I’m in deep gratitude to Caitriona and Michelle for
the knowledge, the wisdom, insight, and power I have gained over this past year. This course has truly changed my life. I never could have imagined what this magical course would end up doing for me, not to mention the lifelong friendships I have also acquired! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you my dear friends and teachers!

Constance Duffin. NLP Coach and Family Constellation Facilitator, Salt Lake City.

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Some Details

Anything is more than the sum of its parts.

True learning is always an embodiment of change, rather than simply the acquisition of information and skills.

Sometimes it’s the intangible elements that make the difference in life .. love, joy, freedom, confidence, ease 

What this Apprenticeship Program will give you:

  • Reclaiming your indigenous roots. Not as an appropriation of something culturally remote, not as excursion into fantasy. A return to awareness of your place in the family of Being. Meditation, ceremony, trance, prayer. The medicine of  living as a human-bing.
  • Facilitating Change. Leadership and skills for healing and transformation that together give you a unique capacity to facilitate radical long-lasting change. NLP, Family and Systemic Constellation, Hypnotherapy, Divination and Intuition.
  • The Practicalities.

    * An Integrated Approach to Family Constellation Work 
    * Trance and Hypnosis
    * Neurolinguistic Programing (see below)
    * Family. Organizational, and Systemic Constellation Work
    * Learning from your Dreams
    * Divination and Heuristics

    Certification as Master Practitioner of NLP. Certification as a Facilitator of Family, Systemic, and Organizational Constellations. Certification as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. (Note: you will receive some of these certifications in the year following the apprenticeship program during a period of supervised practice).

The Format:

Yearlong program customized for individual circumstances
Individual Coaching and Training
All Retreats at Manzanita Village 
Access to library of recordings and all training material and manuals

A Note about NLP: (Neurolinguistic Programming).

Whenever we speak about NLP we find that most people have either never heard of it, or else they have had a superficial experience, usually at the hands of someone with little deep experience or understanding of it.

NLP is not a ‘modality‘ in the way such things are usually understood. In the words of one of its creators, “It is an attitude, followed by a string of techniques.” The techniques in question are simply whatever has been found to be most helpful in effecting change.

.. how to change self-limiting beliefs, how to eliminate irrational fears, how to resolve internal conflicts, not with analysis or reason, but directly and practically.

The attitude in question is simply the understanding that each of us can find our way through to wholeness. The string of techniques is your skill, or the skill of a facilitator to  come up with that way, based on what has been demonstrated to be effective, along with an appreciation and awareness of you, how you flow, where you’re currently at!

It’s simple. And like any art form, it calls out for your best. 

Your Guides

Caitriona and Michele who together have more than seventy-five years experience as facilitators of personal and global change..  

We will also be joined by several guest teachers, to be announced.

Please reach out to us directly to learn about how you can join this amazing training

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