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“Several years ago, Lisa Garr suffered a brain injury during a California State Championship Mountain bike race, where she was in second place, about to take over first. She fell down a long mountain to the bottom, cracking her helmet in 13 places. Lisa had a near death experience while lying on the side of the mountain until the helicopter medics came to transport her to the nearest hospital. This experience transformed her level of consciousness and was the catalyst for starting her media platform about awareness that now reaches millions of people per month worldwide. Lisa rebuilt her brain and her life using specific visualization techniques and accessing different levels of conscious awareness she calls Brain-nastics.

“Since that experience Lisa Garr created The Aware Show, a transformational radio show about natural health, cutting-edge science, personal growth and spirituality. Since 1999, Lisa has hosted a day-time talk radio program featuring best-selling authors and experts in the fields of spirituality and healing. She is considered an expert in the field of lifestyle and transformational media programming.” from

I was going down the wrong road. I was working in acting, I was working in television production, and I was working 24-7 and it was the wrong road here, the wrong person there. I don’t believe I was in the right place at all. I think God was saying, “Uh-uh. We put you here for another reason. Your purpose is not being fulfilled. We’re going to throw you down a mountain and knock your head around so that we can get you back on task.” I did have a brutal accident, and shattered my helmet, and had an incredible near-death experience, where I floated into an infinite, boundless state, with all that is. I saw that everything was alive and that there was no separation between anything. I realized, “How small I am living!” Also, it’s something you can’t un-see.

I started The Aware Show because the accident wiped out my memory.

Now, twenty years later I am doing the radio show, and I have these conversations with God, I say, “Look, you put me here for a reason. You saved my life multiple times. We are doing the show together. What is the next step here? What are we doing?”

In an age when telling the truth is no longer a requirement for the media, there is a parallel, unprecedented opposite movement towards truth-telling in a whole new way.

The unseen epidemics .. suicide, despair, perfectionism.

The purpose is to awaken the audience and allow that person to be a voice for a change, and if that effects one person who effects one person .. people start to make choices that brings the power back into their hands, so they’re not relying on some outside source to help them. That grassroots movement is how I believe we’re going to uplift humanity and heal as life become more and more chaotic.

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