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For the freedom you deserve ..   for the world we long for

Caitriona and Michele offer such beautiful presence and deep teachings
in a time when we need support in this way.
Traversing these practices together in community
has been deeply supportive to me and those I serve in this time. RC

Meditations and Prayers
for Peace

Recordings of 100+ Guided Meditations

By Donation
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with Caitriona and Michele

This meditation series has changed my life! and the lives of my family! for the positive! Seriously! Maxine Meltzer (participant in previous series)

Whatever you are feeling right now,
whatever you’re taking in of all that’s happening
and changing in the world, one thing is clear ..

we are being called to humility, awareness,
and gratitude for the capacity we have
to express our core human values
that have fed us, fed our ancestors, for millennia.

The guided meditations have helped me reconnect with my sense of the divine,  the beauty of life, and brought me great joy amidst this challenging period when so many suffer. Charlie Miles (participant in previous series)

Your Donation for this series is fully Tax-Deductible

You will receive immediate access the meditations and prayers we recorded in 2020 and 2021 

During this time of disconnect in the world, and prior to our engaging in these daily meditations, I often felt anxious and fearful. I am so grateful to Michele and Caitriona for bringing this meditation practice to us in this time of uncertainty. Indeed, the daily meditations–and the accompanying support from and connection with the group–have given me a way, have given me permission, both to accept with lovingkindness and to lean into my own fear and anxiety. The result has been quite healing. I feel deeply connected and grateful to Caitriona, Michele, and the group for helping me to discover joy and a sense of inner calm in the midst of, and perhaps even sometimes because of, the pervading sense of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty that otherwise could overwhelm me. Richard Prystowsky  

This series of meditations has been deeply nourishing, grounding and uplifting, with so many rich and varied resources to deeply care for ourselves and our world at this tender moment in human history.. Meredith Smith 

with gratitude and love

signature caitriona michele

Caitriona Reed, Michele Benzamin-Miki, & the board and community of Manzanita Village

This meditation series has changed my life! and the lives of my family! for the positive! Seriously!
These daily morning sessions during the 2020 stay home pandemic have transformed me from claustrophobic, snarling grouch to a much more peaceful, loving member of my household. They can tell something’s different, and they are grateful and respond in kind and kindnesses.
For me, each morning I follow the calm, guiding voice of Michele or Caitriona, exploring different breathing exercises or visualizations to feel more relaxed, more positive and better connected. Though many times I did not feel much happen during the session, sometimes due to intense chaos of family, by the time of my bedtime journal writing, I could see clearly the meditation had influenced my day in a positive, thematic way. I also, during this session, gained the strength to say, “This can wait, I’m going to meditate,” and go put on my noise cancelling headphones and escape the drama for a blessed time. I return to the fray much less frayed.
Also, during this zoom session, I enjoyed sharing the screen with a wonderful and generous community connected to Manzanita Village, to spend the morning with a group of wise, thoughtful, joyous people has really helped to expand my world and my heart during this constrained time.
Plus, with an additional nudge of some of their constellation work, I’m been successful in clearing out enough working space in my cluttered studio to start making art again! It started with removing some parental stuff, literally and energetically. Yay for powerful magic with common objects!
To you dear reader, I recommend you take the leap! You’re stay-cationing anyway. Travel by sound across the internet to a beautiful place inside yourself! Maxine Meltzer

By Donation
$20 $40, $75, $108, $200, or any other amount