Nancy Monson: Flow

Nancy Monson: Flow

I have been immersed in personal growth and spiritual development for the past thirty years.

Curiosity is the source of everything that is rich and excellent. It’s the source of authentic art, and of science.

When everything is in harmony a creative energy is called forth. Its intention is to experience its own bliss through you. Suddenly,  you are in a state of authentic connection with life, nature, with flow. Curiosity is the starting point.

When I tune in to who I am, I only see the person I have always been. As far back as I can remember being aware, I am still that same awareness. Though I’ve played so many different roles, and I’ve had so many experiences.

All my life my head and my heart have been in conflict with each other; What do I really want versus what’s practical? Living from my heart or for what society says is acceptable?

… the infantilism of a culture that lives on children’s’ food: chicken nuggets and ice cream …

I stood in my living room and prayed to know what unconditional love is. I learned that it is devotion to the truth of who I am. It is knowing what is ‘me’, and what is ‘not me’. The flow and momentum of that question led me to experience my life as I have.

Climbing a mountain, climbing Denali, going deeply into quantum physics, immersing yourself in spiritual practice .. all of those things can change your neurology. They change the foundation of who you are.

The antidote to resignation and existential sleep is to pursue whatever keeps you on the edge of the crevasse, whatever keeps you flowing with your life.

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