Camino al Sol: Wisdom of the Earth

Diego Marmolejo and Samuel Velez: The Wisdom of the Earth and Our Ancestors
with Abraham Garcia

We’re here to receive the wisdom of the Earth and of our ancestors. Everything that surrounds us – places, people, plants – is medicine. When you understand that, you can call yourself a shaman, a medicine man.

I am the plants and the rivers and the animals. People know that about me because I can transmit that essence to others.

I remain the same person despite all the ups and downs of life.

A long time ago I had a vision that I was in a desert. I was driving and there was a lot of dust. I asked an elder, who told me that probably one day I would come to the U.S. to teach. Being here is not an accident. We have a mission here.

Much of the ancient knowledge has been lost, so we use the sacred plants to help us remember the essence, to awaken the elders that belong to every place and every life.

The land is a great master. But a human without land, without a place they know deeply, is not fully human. The first thing we must learn is how to take care of the land, of the Earth. Afterwards we learn what it can provide to us. Without a relationship with the land we have no direction.

Ultimately we are the land.

We use the sacred plants to remember the ancestral teachings and the wisdom of the earth.

The land – the specific territory where you are – is your school.

I teach my children, not by repetition, but by keeping them close to me and helping them experience the land and the inner territory. This is not something they teach in schools.

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