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For the freedom you deserve ..   for the world we long for

The greatest personal limitation is to be found
not in the things you want to do and can’t,
but in the things you’ve never considered doing.
― Richard Bandler

Now Live on Purpose

Applied neuroscience.
Time-honored principles of mind and imagination
using the powerful, practical, innovations of SouL Work NLP.

It is rash to imagine that any of us can attain our peak without the aid of wise counsel and skilled mentoring. The best athletes have coaches, organizations have consultants, even people with worldwide influence, spiritual leaders, and thought-leaders in every field, continue to work with teachers and mentors!

In fact they are who they are because they recognise the power of wise counsel, steady guidance, mentorship, and non-judgemental support. Why would you imagine that you deserve less, or could achieve your best with less?

Sometimes people say,

‘ One day you are going to look back at this and laugh.’

My question is:’ Why wait?

Your wisdom mind is speaking to you .. listen!

Your wisdom mind is the vast creative capacity of your unconscious – to heal, to problem-solve, to guide you to live within the larger context of your life. Your unconscious mind is everything you are not currently conscious of right now! That’s at least 99.9% of everything .. everything you’ve forgotten, everything you ever experienced, and everything you dreamed. It is the source of all the issues and problems you encounter in your life .. and, the wisdom mind is the key to their magnificent solution. Learn to listen to it!

The better your feel, the better results you will attract
.. choose to feel good!

Many people accept the idea of ‘no pain, no gain’. Whatever challenges you may face, the experience of stress, frustration, and disappointment are optional. Pain and struggle may be how you learn to pay attention. But when you understand that life in all its forms is worthy of your attention, you can let go of self-imposed limitations, and live in great joy. Choose to feel good!

Every experience is a gift in the making .. find the gift!

Most of us judge our experience, thousands of times a day – good or bad, fortunate or unfortunate, a blessing or a curse. As you learn to receive life as a gift, your relationship to the universe and to your own life changes. The most difficult experiences become lessons you could not have otherwise learned. Find those gifts and become the master of your own destiny!

Life itself provides the answers .. be present to life’s abundance!

We live in an expanding universe. The four-and-a quarter billion year history of the planet is the story of the proliferation of myriad life-forms, myriad possibilities. The several hundred- thousand-year history of our species has been an ongoing miracle of adaptation, creativity, and invention. The only constant is MORE.. and the inexorable proliferation of life. Be present to life’s abundance!

Everything is connected and your being impacts humanity
.. be your unique truth!

Stars explode and their dust makes up the planets, the life we experience within and around us, our organs and cells and neurotransmitters of our bodies. The tree grows from a tiny seed. A child grows from eating the fruit it produces. A thought, spoken a thousand years ago, inspires an idea, generates a movement, or changes the course of history. Everything is intertwined in a web of co-creation; the child, the tree, a humble crustacean, or a galaxy. All you experience and all your actions are part of this ancient universal dance. Act your age! Be your truth!

Our work

is the outcome of four decades of learning, teaching, and adapting. We integrate the modalities we have mastered and teach. When we work with you, we work with YOU, your needs, aspirations, challenges, and skills. We have no fixed program or agenda. It is a creative form, a process. We will invite you to step into the best version of yourself, but taking that step is up to you. We will give you the tools, offer new perspectives, and we will hold you accountable. It’s a team effort. Always. Not therapy, not coaching in the usual sense. Something else that we’ll define together.

If this resonates, if you are curious, please reach out.

For information about working with Caitriona and Michele please Contact Us directly.