Jean Marie diGiovanna: The New Renaissance

Jean Marie diGiovanna

The New Renaissance means honoring the many talents that everyone has. It is the rediscovery of the individual, of human values. Renaissance painting developed ways of conveying perspective, three dimensions on a two dimensional surface. The New Renaissance is also about developing new perspectives, new ways of doing things, not just in the arts but in every arena. The Renaissance was a rediscovery of classical western roots. In the same way, in a world addicted to innovation, the New Renaissance honors continuity and renewal, rather than innovation for its own sake.

I am always looking for ways to connect things together, to understand things in new ways.

Take down a book at random from the bookshelf, open it with your eyes closed. Point to a word. Then take that word and use it to make a sentence to help you understand or solve the problem you have had so much difficulty with.

Everywhere you look there are promises for more … more money, more success, more fame. But what I think most people really want is more connection, more values, more quality .. in themselves and in the people they engage with.

There is so much talent and natural gifts within each of us that we don’t recognize.
I can’t tell you how many clients I have this conversation with, “Do you know that not everyone is able to do that?”
And they say, “I thought everyone could do it. This is nothing.”
And I reply, “Oh no. This is something special!”
If only we could just embrace our own natural gifts, and learn more about them, and develop them, and really acknowledge that we have skills and talents that really are unique to us.


I don’t take your words
Merely as words.
Far from it.

I listen
To what makes you talk-
Whatever that is-
And me listen.

      — Shinkichi Takahashi

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