Baeth Davis: I am a heretic

Baeth Davis

The irony was not lost on me that my purpose, which I had searched for so diligently, and with a lot of tears and agony, was to help other people find their own purpose.

Nearly every conversation I have, day in and day out, is to help people have the clarity to say yes to what they are designed to do.

Money is an energetic construct influenced by our beliefs.

The majority of people live in utter fear. There’s very little power in fear until you recognize it, and embrace it, and can move into it and transform it.

In this meaning-making process we call life there are clues everywhere with which to designate and symbolize your life purpose .. to move out of fear into a way of being that is inherently liberating for oneself and others.

When I was diagnosed with cancer I refused radiation and chemotherapy. I told the doctors I’d rather die. They looked at me like I had ten heads. I knew I was in charge of my own healing journey. I took everything people told me and also I spent hundreds of hours researching. I was going against top gynecologists and researchers and saying no. I was a heretic.

Curing cancer is like finding a cure to a thousand different illnesses most of which can be cured just by living properly – not having a toxic stressful environment, not suppressing your emotions.

Everywhere I went there were hundreds of crows. I’d never seen anything like it. It was as if the crows were in my psyche. I would talk to them, and ask them what magic they wanted me to know, and I kept hearing, “You may not know the answer yet. You may never get the answer. Just stay with the mystery. Stop always looking for answers.”

It turns out that my fear of death from this cancer was fear of my own power. That realization gave me such a sense of peace. It changed me forever.

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