The world is magic, and you can’t fall off

“Once in a while you blow your own damn mind.” — Miles Davis.

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“It’s about pushing through,” she said.

“The very moment when you think you can’t move another step,” he said, “whether you’re running a marathon, writing a novel, losing every ounce of self respect you ever had by realizing that the world is nothing like the way you’d spent a lifetime pretending it was.”

“The world is magic, and you can’t fall off, you can’t do something so bad that you’re kicked out, kicked off, thrown out of the garden.”

“Exactly. Everyone’s doing the best they can. It doesn’t excuse them. It’s just that understanding it let’s you hold a mirror up to you own heart and forgive yourself.”

“Okay, so we agree then?” she said.

“Yes,” he said, “let’s move on.”

“What’s next?”

They walked along a winding path, through large boulders, a few trees, until they could hear the sound of water. They came into a space, surrounded by rocks, shaded by trees, where a waterfall fed a deep pool.

“This feels like home,” he said.

“It is. For now,” she said

What happened next is something almost impossible to imagine, as if a door opened into another world ..

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