Political is spiritual, spiritual is political.

For all eternity. I forgive you, and you forgive me. William Blake

Just about everyone we’ve spoken to in the last few weeks
is living with a scary or exciting new feeling ..

* that they are being called to shake it up
* that they want to really focus on the things they value most
* that they must listen to their own heart

At the center of everything we teach is this —

Nothing can happen to you that does not belong to you in your innermost being.

It means that at any moment you can let go of anxiety and fear,
and change your relationship to the world, to what you do, and to yourself.
You can focus. You can go deep. And you can widen your horizon.

It’s the central theme of the upcoming retreat,
(actually it’s a theme in all our retreats and trainings)
— that the you can ground your being in the reality of freedom.

The greatest challenges usually bring about the greatest growth.
We’ve all experienced it. And every day we hear stories
about people who have risen from catastrophe and personal disaster
to accomplish amazing things.

But we’re not talking about other people, we’re talking YOUYOUR story,
how you can LIVE INTO THE EXPERIENCE  of the story that is being called out from your innermost being.

We’re not talking about the so called reality of the political-social-environmental-economic situation in the world
.. and yet, of course we are.

Because nothing is more important that to stop separating the inner from the outer.
the ‘political’ from the ‘spiritual’.

Your life is given to you to weave wholeness out of the illusion of fragmentation.

Join us to set a intention-tone that will make 2017 your year to shine.