You are not broken. No you’re not!

Are you sick and tired of being told who you are, what your problems are, tantalized with the glittering promise of a fabulous solution that you can already tell is just a rehash of things you’ve heard a hundred times before.

Over the years, we stopped presenting ourselves exclusively as Buddhist teachers, (‘spiritual’ teachers) and came out as NLPers, clinicians, artists, ‘shamans’ (psych-magicians)

Recently, we find we’ve been circling back to the basics to the things we’ve always considered central to living a meaningful life ..

Personal integrity

We grow increasingly annoyed at the presumption of ‘experts’ telling us who we are, and what our problems are. Do you ever feel that?

There seem to be three experts for every potential client, three gurus for every potential student, and the clamor in the marketplace is deafening.

If we were to tell you (whoever you are) anything about yourself, it would be, simply, with utmost respect, that YOU ARE NOT BROKEN.

Sure, there are always challenges, habits to change, any number of things to address, things to learn, skills and perspectives to refine and deepen ..but not because there’s anything in you that is fundamentally damaged, or lacking, or broken.

And if you feel any of those things, know that it is only a ‘feeling’, a state of mind, to be addressed not with bravado and bluster, but with humility and curiosity.

After all, isn’t life already a miracle, haven’t you evolved over billions of years? and through countless generations? to arrive at this moment, this experience, this miracle?

In that spirit, we invite you to join us in July for a two week immersion, training, and certification at Manzanita Village. And if you are reading this after that training has come and gone, join us for the next retreat or training.