Basic Awareness: What everyone must do first

Basic Awareness: The lesson every business owner, artist, leader, visionary, .. anyone who values their life or their work in the world, anyone to whom others look to for support .. the lessons we must all remember.

  • Take care of yourself first. Pay attention be aware.
  • Ask for help.
  • Stay in tune with what’s going on for you .. on the deepest levels.
  • Don’t try to tough it through. Don’t pretend you’re okay when you’re not.Acknowledge your grief, fatigue, fear, anxiety, uncertainty.

Sure, there’s time to bust right through. But stop pretending you’re invincible! Please!

Take better care of yourself

When the oxygen mask drops down in the cabin, whose mask do you take care of first? Yours or the person/child/parent/partner sitting next to you?

Posted by Manzanita Village and Five Changes on Thursday, November 9, 2017

Pay attention, be aware of your needs and habits.

In an earlier video on Facebook at we gave a basic hint
that will help you stay focused, specifically to keep your gaze directed upwards.

Make it a habit.

Stay in touch with your body, emotions, and anything else that comes into your awareness.

You probably know this already .. so think of this as a serendipitous reminder.