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Retreats at Manzanita Village

Manzanita Village 

What to Bring

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* Flashlight
* Re-useable water bottle (no one-use plastic water bottles please)
* Shoes that slip on and off easily
* Hiking shoes or boots
* Notebook or sketchbook and favorite pens/s, pencils, brushes etc
* Loose comfortable clothing
* Blanket or shawl for early morning chill
* Hat for strong summer sun
* Warm clothes for winter and early morning and nights.
* Ear plugs
* Wet weather shoes and raincoat especially late fall through spring.
* Work Gloves


For retreats please bring: 
(Unless you have made special arrangements with us)

* Bedding: a sleeping bag + sheet (sheets are easier to wash than futon covers!), or sheets and blankets
* Sleeping pillow
* Towel

What To Leave At Home

* Pets unless by special arrangement.
* Bottled water. We have good drinking water from our own well. Bring a re-useable water container.
* Candles, incense, fire
* Dress comfortably. Loose, comfortable clothing, shoes without heels.
* Food at Manzanita Village is vegan. So bring only plant based snacks.
* Commercial non-plant-based organic shampoo, body wash etc. (we provide organic all-purpose soap – Dr. Bronner)
* Alcohol, or nonprescription drugs
* Smoking in designated area only