Soul Work NLP Coaching Certification

We’re so excited to be doing the Soul Work NLP training again this year. And to teach ways for coaches, speakers, team facilitators, healers, and conscious leaders to explode their skill and earning power.

Of course, there are lots of great coaching training programs available today but nothing teaches you how to help your clients, students, or team quite as effectively and rapidly as this.

We hear words like ‘miracle’ and ‘magic’ from our clients and from our students more often than we can count.

Coaches, consultants, workshop facilitators, and speakers graduating from this program have felt confident doubling and tripling their fees with the work they are now empowered and skilled to perform.




Here’s what some of our graduates are saying about this program:

I’ve invested thousands of dollars in other high-level coaching programs .. and I’m blown away. I will use this material above all the others .. I can’t recommend this training highly enough.
— Kathleen Mulcahy. Santa Monica CA

The decades ahead of me are in no way going to be the same .. I have learned tools and techniques that have transcended anything I could have imagined .. they have given me a great opportunity to grow myself, my marriage, and my business. If you are interested in learning skills to help people overcome limiting mindsets, beliefs, and attitudes that have been holding them back then do this training! Caitriona Reed and Michele Benzamin-Miki are masters at rapid change .. I recommend  this training to coaches, teachers, healers, therapists.. there’s no application I can think of where you couldn’t use what I’ve learned in this training.
— Geoff Laughton Boulder CO

I teach and coach actors, and also coach executives in public speaking. This NLP training will be transforming my entire practice.  This is information that I will use every day. Thank you! Thank you!
— Jeffrey Marcus, Los Angeles CA

I studied with Richard Bandler (one of the original creators of NLP). After meeting Caitriona and Michele a few months ago,  I wanted to continue training with them. This past two weeks has changed me at the core. I am so excited to share the tools that I have learned with my clients and also to apply them personally.  I am going to be forever grateful for these learnings.
— Kathleen Nelson Troyer, Half Moon Bay CA

I can’t even imagine NOT having done this training. Everything has changed.
— Emily Steinberg, Austin TX

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