Your Vision is Bigger than You

PODCAST: There is a world of unseen support and celebration welcoming us.

Many indigenous cultures all over the world have understood their ancestors to be present, here and now; and also speak of future generations, as being fully present within us all. Times are changing fast, and even those of us who keep up with the news don’t know half of it.

And who among us really dares to live and work with the third generation, or the fifth or even the seventh generation in heart and mind?

This short audio exercise is a way of stepping into a new perception of time, and shift your own sense of what’s possiple from inside

In former times, we were all indigenous, connected to the cycles of time and space in ways it’s almost impossible to imagine now.

If we once magined past and future to simultaneous, it’s a world view that sounds like science fiction, yet mainstream science is now proposing that events of the future can actually influence events of the past (there was a big announcement in the science journals last month) Our view of the world is changing so fast that the best we can do is to remain open, balanced, flexible. .. like learning to surf, all over again.

This short (5 minute) audio is a powerful tool that will allow you to create a sense of your place in time so that can find support in very real ways by simply shifting your perception and experience of your body.