Psychomagic Soulwork-NLP Retreat


The art of Psychomagic is the art of breaking patterns.  It is a way to give you new options – for how and what you think, feel, are, and do. People imagine that the way they see, experience, and understand the world is fixed. Well, it’s as fixed as you make it. The work (play) of Psychomagic changes everything about what you imagine to be possible. The world is filled with inexplicable synchronicity. It is filled with impossible coincidences. How can you learn to tap into the energy-stream that makes the accident of fortunate coincidence the norm?

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The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. – W.B. Yeats

Some of the most advanced technologies for personal change are hiding in plain sight.

If you’re like so many people — depleted and stressed, or if you struggle to keep your spirit high, or if you’re in a good flow but are always hungry to expand your creativity, to be more, to give more, to live more .. there are very specific ways to open to the magic inside.

Some of the most powerful technologies for change are as old as the hills, and have been around since before the time of the Buddha. Some of them are exciting new applications of brain-science, NLP, new kinds of meditation,  the alchemical mix we call Psychomagic.

The last retreat brought together elements of NLP, Brain Science, Mindfulness, Labyrinth Building, Psychomagic and Hypnosis into the perfect integration of everything Caitriona and Michele have devoted their lives to studying.


In NLP we use the term Pattern-Interrupt. It means breaking the spell. It disrupts the trance of disempowerment. It is interrupting the pattern that keeps you under the spell of old beliefs. It is opening to new possibility; rediscovering and stepping into your true genius, your unique creative potential to break the emotional status-quo. It is making  your capacity for real magic visible to you again.

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