Keys to Practical PsychoMagic

Psycho Magic.

I was in the market. The checker asked if I had any plans for the weekend.

I said we were teaching a retreat.
He asked what kind.
I said magic. His eyes opened wide.

I said, it’s the kind of magic that comes out of your mouth,
when you’re feeling just about as good
as you’ve ever felt in your life
for no reason in particular,
for example.

Or how when you realize that you’re connected
to everything in the whole wide world,
even the things you can’t see or hear,
something changes.

And it’s no big deal, or maybe
it changes everything you thought was possible
about your life and the world.

The Five Keys

The five keys we spoke of and taught during this retreat were:

  1. Having a ‘towards’ or positive orientation, seeing the best in people and situations, looking for a person’s ‘Soul Masterpiece’ rather than focusing on fixing them.
  2. Dreaming..  Having a fertile imagination, exercising your creative power, imagining what’s possible and then cultivating ways to make it happen, to make it inevitable. Inhabiting the world of your dreams.
  3. Developing a sense of safety, and serenity. Creating an inner landscape in which you are certain of your own safety. Knowing that you are part of the web of life, and that nothing can change that.
  4. Presence. Being attentive to the reality of the present moment, to the myriad ways you are interconnected to everyone and everything, seen and unseen. Mindfulness.
  5. Rapport. Developing alignment with yourself, so that you can then have alignment, connection, and rapport with others. Communicating from your soul / spirit / unconscious.