Miracles Happen – Last Chance

magic-tranceHow many times do you hear people say: “I’m tired of going round in circles.” ”I wish I could change.” “Nothing works.” ”I never thought it was going to be this hard.” “Something keeps stopping me.” “I’ll make do.”  “It doesn’t matter.” ” Maybe something will shift soon.”

Perhaps you have said some of it yourself.

What if it were possible to flip a switch to take you, or your clients, from negative to positive, from anxiety to calm, from frustration to confidence, from stagnation to resourcefulness?

To be honest. It’s actually very simple

There is only one way to create permanent positive change, to have ongoing emotional resilience and vitality, and to have explosive creative energy whenever you need it.

It is to become aligned with your unconscious mind  — your heart, your spirit .. it doesn’t matter what you call it.

And there’s really only one way to maintain this inner-outer balance, though it can take on different names and forms.

We’re talking about hypnosis or trance,  the state that bypasses reasons and excuses,  analysis and second-guessing , and gives you the magic keys to make deep change real.

It’s how you can sweep away the old obstacles and stories  of what’s possible, and what’s not, and what you can, or can’t, should, or shouldn’t do.

For centuries, for as long as humans have been around,  hypnosis has allowed people to dive into their sou, and do the healing work of making evolutionary change real.

Unless you can create trance in yourself and for others,  unless you understand the power of words to evoke instant hypnosis  you are missing a HUGE opportunity to help yourself and your clients live a happier, more integrated, and successful life.

This three day training at Manzanita Village is an immersion that we guarantee will change your life!!