Wishful thinking will get you nowhere ..

There’s a reason why affirmations  are hit-or-miss, a temporary stop-gap, and why New Year resolutions usually fall by the wayside. Willpower might work in a pinch, but not for very long, and you’ll wear yourself out with it. And affirmations can be like blowing into the wind.

Without the brain-mind science to support them, these things are little more than wishful thinking. There’s a science to how well-considered outcomes, and clear intentions, turn into reality.  It’s what visionaries and evolutionary leaders have always done, often intuitively, in order to realize their goals.

In this video we take you through the basic process of fully immersing yourself in you desired outcome, experiencing it as though it were happening here and now,and then distancing yourself from it, and sending that energetic “inevitability package” to yourself at that future time.

If this sounds weird or unlikely, know that skepticism, and wishful thinking are even weirder strategies to navigate a life where the positive impact you have in the world is dependent on your positive aspirations.

Let 2015 be the brilliant year in which you actualize realize real change
for yourself and others!