Retreat – Your Soul-Purpose

Retreat at Manzanita Village December 26-28

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Meditation, presence, and soul-work brain-mind change retreat in the spectacular setting of Manzanita Village.

Whenever you learn something new, or break through to a new level of understanding, or make a big change in your life-path, it can feel overwhelming.

We know that, because we struggled and pushed for years until we started to believe that this was how life was supposed to be.

But real change is easier than we fear, once we learn to focus our attention on the deep resources we already have, rather than on the imagined uncertainties ahead.

When we tap into what we love and care about most, and understand that this is what the universe is calling us to do, and that we have an obligation to follow our soul’s calling.. the path in front of us is made clear ..

It still takes a concerted effort, a passionate commitment. The difference is, now you know that you can!

For us, it meant we had to stop listening to all the ideas other people had about what we should or shouldn’t be doing.

Then you cross a watershed, and you know that regardless of future challenges, there’s no turning back.

The irony is, what you thought were obstacles is nothing more than your own resistance to your heart’s longing.

The work of a lifetime? or the work of a moment?

Make Manzanita Village the place to set the tone and direction for 2016!
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Shared accommodation (with private room option). Home cooked vegan food. Private time, walking time, silent time. Deep-dive into who you are when you start to leave behind the clutter that hides you from seeing your own brilliance.

with love and blessings

Retreat with Caitriona Reed and Michele Benzamin-Miki

If you asked me for my New Year resolution
it would be to find out who I am. –Cyril Cusack