Two Things To Know About Change

KingfisherWhat does not change / is the will to change

Charles Olson

I noticed, years ago, that most of the Buddhists I knew turned the notion of change into an absolute principle. “Don’t get too excited about anything, because it will fade away and disappear before you know it.” They had made it into a ‘thing’ called Impermanence with unspoken hints of nihilistic resignation; at least, that’s how it came across.

Then I thought of that well-known George Gershwin song:

“The way you hold your knife,
the way we danced ’til three,
The way you changed my life,
no, no, they can’t take that away from me.”

and remembered that although everything does indeed change, the impressions that each thing leaves can be very different.

Which brings me to the second thing to know about change, that Big, Life-changing, ‘rock you to your foundations’ change can be easy, long-lasting, and truly transformational,

Many people fear that such change is difficult, scary, hard to come by, and probably only effective for other people! But that’s simply not the case.  Faith and doubt bear equal fruits. In other words, we fulfill our own expectations, whether we expect to or not!  So when you set your expectations high and learn to get out of your own way you can’t not achieve them!  .. like the little boy who dreamed of flying and grew up helping Wilbur Wright to invent airplanes.

Things to know about change:

Fast, long-lasting change is within your reach, and two things are necessary to achieve it; Here are the things to know about change:

  1. clarity to know where you want to go
  2. and the means to get you there i.e. the skills you need, and the people to support you, guide you, and hold you accountable to move through the obstacles you encounter on the way.

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