NLP Training

Five Reasons to come to Manzanita Village for NLP Training

I love the land here. The chaparral forest, on desert’s edge, beneath countless stars is itself a teacher.– Lawrence Ellis, Oakland California

1. We moved here several years ago to lead retreats and workshops because of its ideal location. While close to the cities of Southern California, time has stopped here. The spaciousness of the land, the undisturbed peace, star-filled night sky, clean air and water (from our own well), the many trails, the natural wildlife habitat .. makes this an ideal place for learning, creativity, and going deep for inner transformation. More about Manzanita Village

I’ve been a coach for several years and I’m blown away by this. What I’ve learned here will be my lead .. because it’s about accelerated change. – Kathleen Mulcahy. Santa Monica California

2. This means that for the entire duration of the NLP training you have 24 hours to focus on the training, practice, studying, experiencing the work. It also allows us to teach more and give more, knowing that you have no distractions.

I’ve learned tools and techniques that have transcended everything I could have imagined. – Geoff Laughton. Boulder Colorado

3. It also means that you save money. If you were taking an NLP  training of this depth elsewhere you would pay between $2500 and $5000 extra for accommodation and meals.

I knew I had to do this training, but I had no idea how profound it was actually going to be. Looking back I can’t imagine my life if I hadn’t done this. It’s brought so much alignment and congruity .. I am so excited about the rest of my life. – Emily Steinberg.  Austin Texas

4. Your trainers have more than twenty-five years’ experience teaching and leading intensive trainings and retreats. They have integrated this work into their lives .. as artists, entrepreneurs, spiritual teachers, and social activists.

I began my training in London with Richard Bandler (one of the creators of NLP) and I knew that the hands-on approach here at Manzanita Village with Five Changes was the best place for me to really learn NLP. – Kat Nelson Troyer. San Francisco California

5. Because the group is relatively small, a natural sense of ease and friendship develops among the participants. This is an ideal way to learn and integrate the full training curriculum to be certified as a Practitioner and Master Practitioner of NLP.

This is amazing. It’s so applicable to the work I already do (as a kinesthesiologist and healer). It’s really opened my mind to new possibilities. – Sarah Martin. Santa Barbara CA

Days usually begin at 10:00 AM, allowing time in the morning to take care of personal emails, business, or study from the previous day. We go until anywhere between 7:00 and 8:00 PM with a 1 to 2 hour lunch break. This means that the classroom time is around eight hours per day, allowing ample time to learn, observe, practice, and experience the techniques and skills that we cover in this NLP Training.

Because this NLP Training is held at Manzanita Village it allows for a full-immersion NLP Training experience. Because of the absence of distractions we cover a curriculum that is more comprehensive, richer, and deeper than any other NLP training.