An NLP Perspective from Five Changes

We wish everyone in the US a great day of celebration,
and connection with family and friends! Happy Independence Day!

May we also offer the reflection that Independence is a great aspiration
for anyone who is pushed into a corner, beholden to others,
or otherwise in need of pushing  out on their own

But an even greater one is the aspiration to embody and express
our collective INTERdependence
.. on an interpersonal, professional and even global level.

It will have a positive impact on everything you do
in your relationships, in your business, and in your soul.

Learning to hold the big picture doesn’t mean you have to let go
of anything. On the contrary it helps you maintain perspective.
In NLP we call it ‘chunking up’ .. looking for the deeper purpose.

It helps you sustain the ongoing sense that your life is a miracle
and that you still have extraordinary things to do with it.

Happy Interdependence Day!