The Trade-offs We Make : Deciding Life’s Choices

To get something you may have to give up something else

jatiIt’s been a couple of years now, but we still miss them, the long walks they insisted on taking, their wet noses, even their bad breath..

The good thing is that the land where we live at Manzanita Village, where we had dogs since we first came, is now filled with all kinds of wildlife.

Bobcats drink at our pond, packs of coyotes race around the houses at night, sounding like hooligans, wild turkeys and deer have taken up residence.

And with predators no longer troubled by our dogs, the ground-squirrel and rodent populations are leveling off.

The point is this ..

from_the_bedroom_window-200x200 A trade-off needs to be made, you have to give up something in order to have something else.

It may be a relief or it may be a sacrifice, but in order to live by the ideals and successes you aspire to,
you have to make a trade-off and give up something.

Now, we love dogs, and we’ll probably have dogs again. And .. things will change again.

We’ll have to give up the bobcats, the deer at the pond, and the rabbits and the ground-nesting birds.

The choice is ours. The choice is always ours. For every change you make, something you may not have expected will also change, and with the trade-off’s we make, you might have to give up something you didn’t expect to.

Think for a moment about what could be yours if you only traded-off some of the things that were preventing you from changing:

  • self-limiting beliefs
  • assumptions and attitudes
  • habits
  • fears
  • friendships that hold you hostage
  • what else .. ?

More to come

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