Shereen Sun. Speaking Your Truth

Shereen Sun: Speaking You Truth

There were so many ways, as I was growing up, that I felt very different. Feeling ‘other’ everywhere.

I grew up in a Muslim family in Las Vegas, I came out as queer in 7th grade. Coming out means continually peeling away layers to reveal ourselves, to ourselves and to the world.

The first time I was in a space that was both queer and South Asian was shocking. I felt like I had to hide from other South Asians. I had to start learning that I didn’t have to hide. I didn’t have to worry that it would get back to my parents.

A sense of wonder and curiosity pervades my life, and a sense of accepting what can really start to happen when you open up to who you are. And how you are safe when you really accept ALL of yourself. It’s the kind of space I want to create for people, especially the women who are attracted to my work.

After I came out to my mom, and her initial shock, she became my greatest ally.

When I saw her pain and suffering, and said, “This must be so hard for you,” and she understood that I really did see her, everything changed. People want, above all, to be seen.

I help people speak their truth, which is why it’s so important that I come out to my dad as soon as possible. I help them make the energetic shift that helps them take risks.

Business is not just about money but about liberation.

We have to listen to what’s coming out of our own mouths and take guidance from that.

After working through the oppressions of racism, homophobia etc. we must work through the barrier of, “I am unlovable.” Regardless of who we are, our work become the work of reflecting love back to the world.

I was talking about the Buddha as transgressive, as ‘queer’ to a group of straight couples. I suggested that everyone in the room was actually ‘queer’. I witnesses this room full of straight people nodding in enthusiastic assent.

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