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 for the life you desire ..  for the world we long for


By way of introduction, we wanted to tell you something about who we are.

This was filmed at Manzanita Village, one of our favorite places on the planet, where we’ve lived and where we have held retreats workshops and trainings for many years.

It’s the place where we came of age. We’ve learned lots, and been challenged lots by being here.Though we still love the city and stay in touch with the urban reality of our home town – Los Angeles.

Years ago we took to heart the words of the poet Gary Snyder, who said something along the lines of, ‘find a place and get to know it well, learn the names of plants and animals, learn where the water comes from and how the weather patterns work.’ 

We’ve set down our roots here. And the good thing is, the land itself has become a teacher, as much, maybe more, than we are.

Enjoy the video!

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