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for the life you desierve ..  for the world we long for

The Veils

Meta-Slide Process: A guided journey
behind the veils of emotion.
with Michele Benzamin-Miki

Meta Slide Process

The Meta-Slide Process


‘Meta’ means bigger than, transcending, as in metaphysics, or metagalaxy.
We could have called this the meta-emotion process, because it allows you to shift your relationship
to any single emotion, especially when you feel stuck in it. But we chose Meta-Slide.

This is a deep process, as you learn it, and repeat it daily,
it will help you develop a profound sense of your power
to choose your emotional state.

Listen to the recording  several times.

Learn it so that you can do the process yourself without the audio.
Weave it into the fabric of your inner landscape
so that it becomes automatically available whenever you feel thrown off balance
by a difficult negative emotion state.


Important Note: Do not listen while driving or in any situation where
an altered state of mind, or distraction,  could cause danger to yourself or others.

.. and from the poet Rumi,
something that hints at the landscape that is revealed
when you pass through those veils

the moon offers light without a hand

the sun is proof of the sun

writing about love
my pen splinters

expounding love
the ass of the intellect
lays down in the mire

when it comes
not one hair of me remains

the shadow loves the sun
but when the sun comes
it vanishes.

                             Jalal al-Din Rumi


Sending love and blessings