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 for the life you deserve ..   for the world we long for

Did you get a chance to do the home PLAY exercise you received in the last email?

If not, don’t worry. Take the time you need.

Maybe you can set aside some time one evening, or over the weekend.

Though we do strongly encourage you to do the exercise over the next few days.

We don’t want you to procrastinate
but we don’t want you to stress either.

There’s a balance here.


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When it comes to the choices we make, how we live our life ..
the question is always ..  “Who drives the bus?”

Whose in charge? Sure, things happen we could never have planned for.
But then the question is always, how good are you at adapting.

And how good you are depends on your ability to develop a positive emotional state.

Watch out for the next email in a couple of days!

Sending love and blessings