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Big Picture Retreat

Manzanita Village and Five Changes Audio

A selection of audios and processes from the Big Picture Retreat at Manzanita Village.

A Story and Some Suggestions about these Processes

Time 5:00 minutes

The Okay Gassho

Time 7:30 minutes

Safety Reset and Inevitability Process

Time 6:00 minutes

Ancestors and Self-Release/Forgiveness

Time 6:20 minutes

The Veils – Meta Slide Process

Time 11.34 minutes

Cutting Energetic Ties 1. (Intro)

Time 6:06

Cutting Energetic Ties 2.

Time 19:10

Cutting Energetic Ties 3. (Short Version)

Time 5:56

Note: Please do not NOT use this while driving or while engaged in any activity.


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Caitriona Reed and Michele Benzamin-Miki