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Five Changes

Caitriona Reed 
Michele Benzamin-Miki


.. for the world we long for






You Are Not Broken!

You Are NOT Perfect! 
were never meant to be!

And You Are Not Done! 
because your influence
is more than you can know! 

You Are Not Broken

You are already whole. Everything you need is available to you — closer than you think.

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You are not Perfect

You are just right just as you are. It’s just the habit of judging and comparing yourself to others ..

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You are not Done

When life is overwhelming it’s easy to forget the bigger picture, and lose track of our vision and aspirations.

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No spiritual teachers I know bring a broader, more relevant range  of knowledge, experience, and well-honed skills for awakening us to fullness of being.
Joanna Macy

I want to thank you for the work that you do and to let you know that I am forever changed. I keep flashing back to the work that we did, and I will never be the same. Barriers to growth that I have fought for decades were dissolved and have faded away. The work was life-changing and resonates for me often as I go through my days. What a powerfully beautiful work that you do! Emily O’Connor

Caitriona Reed a is one of the most brilliant NLP practitioners I have had the pleasure of working with. The inclusion of her years of meditation training create an experience of safety, ease and play in the training that moves participants to phenomenal results rapidly!  If you’re thinking of using NLP to support you in your efforts to be a better leader (or a better human being) please consider studying with Caitriona and Michele!
Dr. Scott Mills

Caitriona has helped me navigate some extremely challenging business situations. I had some issues that could easily have derailed me moving forward in my business, and because of the work we did I was able to stay on task. I feel a contagious sense of peace and ease that is actually attracting new clients. Andy Spyros

If you’re tired of sabotaging your big dreams and subtly (or nor so subtly) blocking your own way forward, Caitriona and Michele are the people you need to see. They have tools, unlike any others I know, to ‘re-wire’ your automatic thinking, to help you get more of what you want in a way that positively impacts your business, your life, and the difference you can make for others. There’s no greater resource for putting your incredible mind to work for you. Jim Niswonger      Jim Niswonger on Instagram